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Near West Theatre | April 27, 2016

For two hours on Saturday, April 23rd, over 50 people gathered here at Near West Theatre for our COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Race in America and Show Boat . Our afternoon began with an illuminating talk by Read More

Near West Theatre | April 20, 2016

Check out some talented Near West-ers who are making a splash on professional stages!

Colin Wheeler


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Near West Theatre | April 13, 2016

In March, we received a $3,000 grant from The GPD Employees' Foundation for Capacity Building for Disability Services to purchase assistive equipment and training to enhance our audience members' experience of live theater.

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Near West Theatre | April 8, 2016

Check out these pics of Jenny working on the gigantic backdrop for Show Boat, designed by Laura Carlson Tarantowski.

Jenny has been with Near West Theatre since 2002, when she dropped her resume off in Bob Navis Jr's mailbox and wound up doing scenic design for the set of Evita. He......

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