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Near West Theatre | July 26, 2017

Carrie the Musical opened on Friday, July 21. That's right, Carrie's back from the grave and she's singing, too! Smothered by her religiously demented mother, tortured at school and struggling with her emerging sexuality, Carrie just ......

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Near West Theatre | July 19, 2017

Carrie the Musical at Near West Theatre opens on Friday, July 21.
An incredible cast of 42 16-25 year olds have been hard at work in rehearsals since May. Our production staff has been building, creating, lighting, and playing along......

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Near West Theatre | July 12, 2017

Building flats, welding pieces, operating the fly rail, painting, and more!

From June 5 to 28, the eight members of our Summer Tech Workshop have helped bring the wo......

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Near West Theatre | July 5, 2017

You all know her name.
It's Carrie, Carrie,


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