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Near West Theatre | March 15, 2017

During our 2017 Annual Benefit performance we had a first on Near West Theatre’s stage! Our Benefit cast performed an original rap song by Bob Navis Jr. We’d like to share the words from this original rap with you today along with a couple of shots from the performance.


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Near West Theatre | March 1, 2017

The word RISE has many meanings:
To GET UP from sleep           To MOVE upward           To BECOME heartened or elated          ......

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Near West Theatre | February 22, 2017

We heard what audience members thought about The Wiz:

"Saw it twice. Loved it! Amazing performances by every cast member."

"We had a fantastic time enjo......

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Near West Theatre | February 7, 2017

Building Capacity to Serve Audience Members with Disabilities
Last March, we received a $3,000 grant from The GPD Employees' Foundation to purchase assistive equipment and training to enhance our audience members' experie......

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